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Life Insurance Litigation

Life Insurance Litigation

Mr. Skatoff handles life insurance litigation for clients across the State of Florida.  The most common type of life insurance litigation he handles involves disputes over who the proper beneficiary of a life insurance policy is.  A typical case involves someone using undue influence to cause the owner of the policy to change the beneficiary, when the owner is elderly or impaired (or both).

Another commonly litigated case involves a contractual obligation to name someone as beneficiary of a life insurance policy where the owner failed to change the beneficiary to be consistent with the terms of the contract.  A typical case involves a requirement under a marital settlement agreement to name a former spouse as the beneficiary.

Mr. Skatoff also litigates cases where the insurance company refuses to pay over the proceeds of the policy to the named beneficiary for any number of reasons, such as an allegation that the beneficiary is barred from receiving the proceeds due to a slayer statute.

Not just life insurance policies can end up in litigation.  Mr. Skatoff has also litigated similar cases involving beneficiary designations on annuities, retirement plans, and IRA accounts.

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