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Probate is the process of passing the assets of a deceased person to his or heirs, after the payment of creditors. In addition to the grief that is caused by the loss of a loved one, the personal representative of an estate is required to quickly learn the legal procedures necessary to ensure a smooth estate administration. Mr. Skatoff provides the help and assistance necessary to ensure a successful probate administration.

Mr. Skatoff has handled hundreds of probate administrations in his career, and has handled estates of all sizes and complexities, from simple estates valued at less than $100,000 all the way up to taxable estates valued in the millions. He also has considerable experience handling estates with real estate, business interests, and assets disbursed in more than one state.

If you are named as the personal representative in a will for a deceased Florida resident, please contact probate attorney Jeffrey Skatoff to start the probate process. If you are an heir and the person named in the will as the personal representative is deceased or is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties as the personal representative, you may be eligible to serve as the personal representative. If there is no will, Florida law sets forth an order of priority to determine who can serve as the personal representative. Contact a Florida probate attorney who can walk you through the process.

If you have been named the Personal Representative in a will or have question about a Florida probate estate, please call 561-842-4868.

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