Skatoff, PA

Florida Probate, Trust & Guardianship Litigation

Probate Appeals

Jeffrey Skatoff handles appeals of probate, trust and guardianship disputes.

Sometimes, when a litigant is unsuccessful at the trial court level, a fresh set of eyes can give a new perspective about how to proceed.

Mr. Skatoff can also consult on appellate issues without handling the appeal himself.

Please give Mr. Skatoff a call or email to review your appellate issue, on a no-charge basis.  Given Mr. Skatoff’s breadth of experience and knowledge as the publisher of Probatestars, Mr. Skatoff can often offer some new insight.

Some of Mr. Skatoff’s published appeals are as follows:

Boren v. Rogers,  243 So.3d 448 (5th DCA 2018)

Cook v. Cook, (4th DCA 2018)

Woodward v Woodward, 204 So.3d 582 (4th DCA 2016)

Weiser v Weiser, 137 So.3d 545 (4th DCA 2014)

Mariani v Mariani, 125 So.3d 222 (4th DCA 2013)

MacIntyre v. Wedell, 12 So.3d 273 (4th DCA 2009)

Oral Argument at 5th District Court of Appeals

Jeffrey Skatoff